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Call us for any inquiries: +1 604-599-1900


Flexible Gas Line, Appliance Connector Hose, 1/2" MIP x 18" Long

Original price $19.75 - Original price $19.75
Original price
$19.75 - $19.75
Current price $19.75
  • Model: 30-3131-18
  • Gas Type: LP or Natural Gas
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Designed and certified by CSA for indoor and outdoor use
  • Length: 18"
  • Connection Size: 1/2" MIP
  • Connection Type: Male threaded
  • Recommended Applications: BBQ Grills, Ranges, Ovens, Stovetops, Furnaces

A flexible gas connector line ensures safe and efficient gas appliance operation by providing flexibility to accommodate movement and vibrations. It reduces the risk of gas leaks, minimizes stress on connections and simplifies the installation and maintenance process.

Ultimately, investing in a high quality flexible gas line connector, like these CSA-approved connectors, enhances both safety and convenience in your home or business.

Appliance Connector 5/8" OD W/ 1/2" MIP X 1/2" MIP x 18" SS 164K BTU