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Call us for any inquiries: +1 604-599-1900


Heating & Gas Products Montreal

Heating & Gas Products Montreal

Proper heating in your home is essential to create a comfortable environment, especially during the cold winter months. Preparing for the colder seasons starts with installing and maintaining high-quality heating and gas products that meet your requirements. 

To choose the right heating system, knowing what to look for is important. Here is a detailed list of what to consider.

Gas Regulators

Gas regulators are used to maintain a steady fuel supply pressure to the fire side of a boiler. When selecting a regulator, you need to consider the flow rate in your system.

Larger regulators can manage high flow rates while maintaining effective pressure control, while smaller regulators are suitable for systems with low flow velocities. It's also important to properly size the components of the regulator to ensure it functions correctly.

However, not all regulators are the same. Installing the wrong regulator can hamper its functionality and pose a safety hazard. The licensed LP Gas plumber and propane experts at Western Water and Gas can assist you in identifying the appropriate regulator for your needs based on the size of your space.


Brass Fittings

Many pipe fittings are available on the market, and it can be difficult to determine the best choice for your projects.

Brass fittings are highly recommended for various projects and are especially important in gas systems. They offer several advantages, including corrosion resistance, durability, and ease of installation and maintenance. Gas regulators often use brass fittings because they are suitable for gas applications. 


Gas Meters

To ensure accurate and reliable measurement of your gas usage, it's essential to have the latest technology in gas meters. You can check your meter to determine the amount of gas you have used for the month. 

Modern electric and gas meters often feature digital displays rather than traditional dials. However, the fundamental principle remains the same: the difference between the readings taken in consecutive months represents the energy units consumed during the corresponding billing period.

The digital display typically shows the overall energy usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh) for electric meters or cubic feet (ft³) for gas meters. By subtracting the previous month's reading from the current month's reading, you can calculate the amount of energy used during that period.


Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are a must-have to fully enjoy your outdoor space during the colder months. These devices add warmth and comfort, enhancing the experience of spending time with loved ones in your backyard.

In addition, many patio heaters are designed to be portable and are equipped with wheels for easy movement. When shopping for a patio heater, there are two key considerations: the area you wish to heat and the type of fuel to use.

For most homeowners, one or two patio heaters are usually enough to heat their outdoor space. A freestanding patio heater can effectively warm an approximately 20-foot diameter space in an open area.

Propane is the most commonly used fuel in residential and commercial settings.


Sourcing Heating and Gas Products in Montreal

If you're in Montreal and looking for top-notch heating and gas products, Western Water and Gas offers a diverse selection. Our range includes gas regulators, propane regulators, brass fittings, gas meters and heating products tailored to your specific requirements.

To purchase high-quality heating and gas products in Montreal, review our catalogue of durable and high-performance products. Our team of licensed experts is ready to provide guidance, answer any questions and help you choose the ideal products for your heating project.


Call +1 (604) 599-1900 or complete our contact form to learn more.

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