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Add Value to Your Outdoor Space With Patio Heaters

Add Value to Your Outdoor Space With Patio Heaters

If you've found yourself reading this post, you are likely seeking ways to upgrade your outdoor space. You're in the right place. Keep reading to learn how the addition of patio heaters can significantly improve your patio experience.

Let's dive right in.


What Are Patio Heaters?

Naturally, the first thing we need to do is define what a patio heater is. In simple terms, patio heaters are appliances designed to perform the function indicated by their name. They generate and radiate heat within an outdoor or patio area, providing warmth and comfort.

Of course, patio heaters are available in different forms and types, including fuel-powered and electric models. They can be portable, mounted on the wall or installed under the floors. It all depends on your preferences and what suits your outdoor space best. 

Affordability is another important factor to consider. Regardless of the type of patio heater you use, its primary function is to offer warmth, replicating the comfortable temperatures experienced during summer months.


Which Patio Heater Is Best for Me?

As previously mentioned, there are different types of patio heaters. In this blog post, we will explore the options available if you're looking for a natural gas patio heater specifically. 

Natural gas patio heaters are highly innovative and safe for homes or commercial spaces. That is where Sunpak patio heaters come in. Sunpak patio heaters are stand-alone units that can also be mounted on the ceiling or the walls around your patio space, making it a hazard-free experience for everyone. 

The heat coverage of the Sunpak natural gas patio heater varies. It all depends on your patio's average wind exposure. Wind exposure refers to the amount of wind or air circulation. 

It is recommended that you place Sunpak patio heaters 10 feet apart for optimal heat distribution. That way, you and your guests can enjoy consistent warmth without any interruptions.

Most Sunpak patio heaters have a stainless steel finish and are operated by wireless remote control. The remote control allows for effortless heat adjustments from high to low, giving your outdoor heating system even greater versatility.


How Do Patio Heaters Add Value to My Space?

Are you excited about getting a patio heater yet? Here are some fantastic ways patio heaters can enhance your outdoor space:

  •     With the warmth provided by patio heaters, you can enjoy your outdoor space with friends and family for longer.

  •     Sunpak natural gas patio heaters are affordable. They are also environmentally friendly and toxin-free.
  •     For commercial spaces, patio heaters provide an opportunity to offer an enhanced guest experience. It can be considered a premium service that's worth an additional charge, allowing guests to enjoy an outdoor setting no matter the season.

  •     Natural gas patio heaters radiate more heat than other types of heaters, and they can provide heat for an extended length of time. As a result, natural gas patio heaters can be considered a wise long-term investment in your outdoor space.


Are You Looking for Patio Heaters in Canada? 

Sunpak patio heaters are ideal for keeping your outdoor space comfortable and enjoyable year-round. At Western Water and Gas Products, we are Canada's leading distributor of quality gas fitting supplies and equipment. We offer a wide variety of patio heaters to suit your needs. Our patio heaters are of exceptional quality, ensuring maximum durability and efficiency.

Our experienced specialists are available to answer any questions and guide you toward the best option for your needs. Call us at +1 (604) 599-1900 or complete our online contact form to learn more about our products.
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