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5 Types of Natural Gas Pressure Reducing Regulators | Western Water & Gas Products Ltd.

5 Types of Natural Gas Pressure Reducing Regulators

When shopping around for a natural gas pressure-reducing regulator, there are many different options to consider. Without the right expertise, the search can lead to headaches and confusion.

If you are reading this article, you might be asking yourself, "what type of gas regulator do I need?" Fortunately, you're in the right place. In this article, we will explain what natural gas pressure-reducing regulators are, what they do and what different types are available on the market. This information will help you choose the best gas regulator for your needs.

What Is a Natural Gas Pressure Reducing Regulator?

Natural gas regulators come in two varieties – pressure reducing and back pressure. In this article, we are focusing on pressure-reducing regulators.

Home natural gas pressure-reducing regulators are designed to regulate high gas pressure levels that can cause serious problems if not properly contained.

The regulator helps gas flow more consistently at a predetermined rate, making your natural gas system safer. A pressure-reducing regulator is also often used on gas compressors for suction control or re-circulation.

What to Consider When Choosing a Gas Regulator

This is where things get a bit complicated. There are five different types of home natural gas pressure-reducing regulators. Learning about each of them will help you determine which gas regulator is best for your specific situation.

As you search the market for a pressure-reducing regulator, you will come across the following five main types:

Line and Service

A line and service regulator helps to regulate the gas supply line servicing your appliances and maintains the perfect inlet pressure. This type of regulator can be used with natural gas as well as other types of non-corrosive gases.


A pilot-operated regulator is unique, as it is technically two different types of regulators fused together. This model is used when you have a large quantity of gas that needs to be highly pressurized.


Appliance regulators are used with residential, commercial and industrial natural gas appliances of all sizes. With smaller residential appliances, these regulators are designed to handle minuscule flows of natural gas for the pilot load. However, appliance regulators in larger industrial appliances often work with more significant gas flows.

Direct Acting

Direct-acting regulators are balanced in design, insensitive to changes in inlet pressure and are ideal for responding quickly to sudden capacity changes. It is the most common type of regulator used by homeowners and business owners due to its simplistic and reliable design.

High Pressure

High-pressure regulators are exactly what the name suggests – regulators designed for a wide range of high-pressure applications.

These regulators are used for the following types of gas:

  • Compressed
  • Corrosive
  • Non-corrosive

The type of natural gas regulator you require depends on your gas line, appliances, applications and more. For this reason, finding the right product can sometimes be challenging. So if you are uncertain about which option you need, it's best to consult a natural gas product expert.

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