F31053 Pietro Fiorentini Regulator 2# w/ internal VL




Categories: Regulators

Product type: F31053

Manufacturer: Pietro Fiorentini

Tags: Ventless Regulator


Regulator 2# w/ internal VL


  • Inlet pressure : 4w.c. to 2 psig
  • Outlet pressure range: 7-11 w.c. 
  • CSA Outlet pressures to 2psig for Compliance
  • Temperature class: -40 F to + 125 F
  • Suitable for use with Natural Gas, LPG, Propane-air and any non corrosive gas.
  • Available in wide size range: NPT threaded 
  • Features:
  • Integral Vent Limiter
  • Straight through 
  • Tow active outlets 
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Upstream and downstream test ports
  • Optional Incorporated slam shut, both over and under pressure 
  • Optional replaceable incorporated 50 Micron filter (all sizes)