Earthquake Valve ASSI 1 1/4\





Product type: GSTV125-36

Manufacturer: Western Water & Gas



ASSI Earthquake Safe-T-Valve shuts off the gas at the meter in the event of a magnitude 5.5 earthquake or greater.


Exclusive Technology
Ñ Trigger and valve are separate increasing reliability and making installation easier and quicker.
Ñ No tools required to turn off gas with our wrench free design.
Ñ Quick, easy, push-button gas shut-off for repairs, convenience, or any gas emergency such as
leaks, fire, tornado, flood or in preparation for any natural disaster.
Ñ Makes turning off the gas at the gas meter and tools a thing of the past.
Ñ Full flow, does not restrict gas flow. Available in 3/4" up to 2" sizes.
Ñ Available with cable lengths from 18" to 72"

Save Time, Save Money, Increase Profits

Ñ As easy to install as replacing a 90 degree elbow.ÊNo bracing required.
Ñ Valve not required to be level and is spring loaded. Increases reliability and will not accidentally
reopen in an after shock.
Ñ Easy to mount trigger with built-in level. Rigid installation virtually eliminates false tripping and
increases reliability. Assures your valve will work when needed and eliminates profit losing
trips back to your customer for improper operation.

Safety and Convenience

Ñ Shuts off the gas, whether you are home or not, automatically in the event of a major earthquake.
Ñ Helps prevent fires caused by earthquakes.
Ñ No tools required to reset.