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Call us for any inquiries: +1 604-599-1900


Gas Regulators

Gas Regulators

A gas regulator is a crucial accessory on your residential or commercial property. Gas regulators control and maintain a defined pressure by cutting the flow of gas from a high-pressure cylinder. Regulators also act as valves that automatically cut the gas supply when the desired pressure is reached.

Gas is a highly flammable compound, so purchasing your equipment from a reputable dealer is crucial. At Western Water and Gas Products, we offer a wide variety of high-quality gas regulators. Furthermore, our technical experts can recommend the ideal regulators for your equipment and systems.

Types of Gas Regulators

There are many different gas regulators on the market. Their differences primarily come down to where they’re used and what equipment they serve. Western Water and Gas Products specializes in:

  1. Outdoor regulators
  2. Propane regulators
  3. Service regulators
  4. Ventless regulators
  5. Natural gas regulators
  6. Auto changeover regulators
  7. Line regulators
  8. Appliance regulators
  9. Angled regulators
  10. Vented regulators

Choosing between Gas Regulators

Several factors can affect what gas regulator you select. These factors include:

The System You Use

Some systems work efficiently with single-stage regulators, while others only work when connected to a dual-stage regulator. Knowing and understanding your system will help you pick the right device. Our technical experts can also evaluate your system and recommend the best regulator for you.

The Gas Your System Uses

The type of gas your system uses will significantly influence your decision. Gasses react differently under specific pressures and temperature conditions. So, choose a gas regulator that can withstand the gas your system uses.

The Pressures Your System Applies

Gas regulators are designed to hold back flowing gasses. Normally, these gasses are pushed through the system under certain pressure. You need a gas regulator that can work properly despite the pressure that builds behind the closed gateway when the system shuts off the flow completely.

Are You Looking for Gas Regulators in Canada?

Western Water and Gas Products has the best genuine gas regulators in Canada. Our team of skilled regulator specialists will help you choose the best option for your system and fully customize the one that meets your needs.

To inquire about our products or make an order, call us at +1(604) 599-1900 or fill out our contact form.