Propane Connections

While propane systems may seem simple, the flow of gas from container to heater or kitchen appliance relies on many connections between different components. A system must be properly connected to work well. Western Water and Gas Products offers a variety of high-quality, genuine propane connectors. Our team of experts will recommend the best connectors for your propane system and appliances.

Types of Propane Connections

Below are some propane connections that we offer:

Propane Regulators

Regulators are one of the most important parts of any propane gas system. They control gas flow between propane tanks and appliances and lower the propane pressure in gas containers. Different applications can require varying types of propane regulators, though the purpose of their regulators is the same. While some propane systems only need one, others require multiple regulators for efficiency. The propane regulators we offer include:

  • Automatic changeover regulators
  • High-pressure regulators
  • First stage regulators
  • Second stage regulators

POL Fittings

The Prest-O-Lite (POL) gas fitting is a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) gas connection used on propane gas cylinders. They are one of the oldest types of fittings. The POL fitting can be found in POL regulators, POL valves, POL cylinders, BBQ gas bottles and other POL connection fittings, including adaptors and hoses.

Acme Fittings

Acme fittings are pieces of pipe used to connect two other pipes. They are often found on newer propane systems, can be hand-tightened and differ from POL fittings in size and external threads. Acme fittings have a built-in safety feature preventing the gas from leaving the cylinder or tank unless attached to an appliance.

Propane Pigtails and Hogtails

Regulators are often connected to the service valves on propane containers through flexible metal connectors known as hogtails and pigtails. Pigtails are manufactured with 0.25-inch copper tubing between their brass fittings, making them more flexible than hogtails, which have 0.375-inch copper tubing. The flexibility of these connectors minimizes the stress on rigid fittings and piping and reduces shock to the piping system.

Are You Looking for Propane Connections in Canada?

Western Water and Gas Products offers genuine propane connectors. Our team of skilled propane specialists will help you choose the best propane connectors for your system.

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