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Winter in Canada can be frigid, and temperatures can drop as low as -15°C. Even with the most efficient heating system, you may spend more than you expect to heat your property during such cold weather. One way to improve your system's efficiency is to ensure that all its components are working properly.

At Western Water and Gas Products, we offer a variety of high-quality heating products to boost the efficiency of your heating system. We also have a team of skilled technical experts who can advise you on the ideal heating product for your system.

Our Products

We specialize in the following heating products:

Heater Transformers

A transformer is a device in your furnace that regulates incoming voltage to meet your system's heating requirements. When your transformer is faulty, it can cause the circuit breaker to trip more often to prevent voltage surges. These surges then fry various heating system components and can cause serious damage. So, it's important to replace your transformer as soon as its performance declines.

Face Plates

Although face plates don't necessarily affect a heating system's functionality, they do improve its overall efficacy. Face plates are mounted on top of outdoor heaters to protect them from weather elements like rain and wind. Their stainless-steel material reflects their surroundings, enabling them to blend into the environment instead of standing out conspicuously.

Mounting Brackets

Where a heater is placed affects how efficiently it heats a room. Mounting brackets are an essential element of heater installation, as they suspend heating products on ceilings, walls, beams and poles. They can also ensure that heaters are securely installed and make them safe and easy to operate.

Are You Looking for Heating Products in Canada?

Western Water and Gas Products offers the best selection of high-quality transformers, mounting brackets and steel face plates in Canada. We also have a team of dedicated specialists to help you choose the right accessories for your system.

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Sunpak Mounting Bracket for the S34 and S25 models    Picture below is of the Black Mounting Bracket

Sunpak Mounting Bracket for the S34 and S25 models    Picture below is of the Black Mounting Bracket