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Call us for any inquiries: +1 604-599-1900


Heating & Gas Products Calgary

Heating & Gas Products Calgary


Nothing beats the reliability and efficiency of heating and gas products when it comes to keeping your home warm and cozy. While essential home appliances like furnaces, boilers, fireplaces and water heaters are designed to provide comfort, additional equipment is needed to maximize efficiency and save energy costs.

Western Water and Gas Products is Canada's leading distributor of quality gas fittings and equipment, and we offer a wide selection to suit your needs. Our products include gas regulators, brass fittings, gas meters, patio heaters and more. We'll help you choose the right products for your home.

In addition to being cost-efficient, heating and gas products are environmentally friendly solutions that provide optimal thermal comfort for your home.

Our Competitive Advantage

We are the leading distributor of quality gas fittings supplies and equipment, and our products are known for their reliability and durability. We partner with top manufacturers such as Perfection, Fisher, Dormont and Regency Fireplaces to ensure that we offer only the best products to our customers. With 32 years of experience and operations in the plumbing and heating industry, we are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional products, services and an expert team to meet all their heating and gas needs.

Heating and Gas Products

We provide high-quality, durable and reliable products, such as:

Brass Fittings

Brass fittings are plumbing fixtures used with pipes to distribute or dispose of water, waste or gas within domestic or industrial spaces. Western Water and Gas Products' brass fittings collection consists of elbow, coupling, plug and adapter fittings – the best selection in the country.

Gas Regulators

A regulator is a major component of a gas system. It balances and modulates the gas to maintain a defined pressure within a cylinder. Our technical experts can help you determine the best gas regulator for you. We specialize in outdoor, propane, ventless and vented regulators, natural gas regulators, and line and auto changeover regulators – to name a few.

Gas Meters

Gas meters measure the amount of gas consumed at a particular location, typically for billing and monitoring purposes. We supply G4 diaphragm gas meters and 1" meter ITRON.

Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters are outdoor heating devices that run on either propane or natural gas, designed to extend the use of outdoor spaces like patios or decks into colder weather by providing warmth.

Our products include gas outlet boxes, seismic shut-off valves, firepots, heat transformers, face plates and mounting brackets. Contact us today, and our team will help evaluate your heating and gas product requirements.

Benefits of Heating and Gas Products

One of the most effective and efficient ways to achieve optimal comfort during colder months is by using heating and gas products. Let's explore the advantages of using these products in your home.

1. Cost savings: High-quality heating and gas products are efficient and reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills. They are also durable and reliable, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs and saving you money over time.

2. Enhanced energy efficiency: Gas fittings equipment, such as gas regulators, valves and connectors, ensure optimal energy efficiency in your heating system by regulating the flow of gas, reducing waste and maximizing performance. This leads to improved energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

3. Environmental friendliness: Gas products are eco-friendly and meet strict environmental standards. Gas is a cleaner-burning fuel than other fossil fuels, producing fewer emissions and reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Reliability: Heating and gas products are known for their reliability, providing consistent warmth in cold climates. With proper maintenance and servicing, these products can last for many years, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind.


Are You Looking for Heating and Gas Products?

If you're looking for top-tier heating and gas products to keep your home warm during the cold Canadian winters, Western Water and Gas Products can help.

Call 604-599-1900 or complete our contact form to learn about our products or place an order.

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